Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Fosse Bank School Admissions Policy

Aims of this Policy

  • To ensure compliance with the School’s charitable purpose as a school providing independent education for girls and boys between the ages of 2 and 11 years.
  • To set selection criteria and procedures that are consistent with this charitable purpose which are fair to all applicants.
  • To identify applicants whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of the School, with particular regard to behaviour.
  • To identify applicants whose personal qualities suggest they have the potential to benefit from the many opportunities that are offered here and contribute sufficiently to the school community.

Entry Points

  • Little Fosse Nursery accepts two year olds at any point in the year.
  • The School accepts about 20 pupils in Kindergarten. Children may join this class in the term that they reach 3 years of age.
  • No more than 18 children are accepted into the Reception class.
  • The School takes the applicant’s age on 1st September to determine the entry for each year.
  • Places may occasionally be available at non-standard entry points.

Admissions Timetable

Entry to Education

Parents seeking admission for children are required to pay a deposit to secure a place. This fee is only returned at the end of the child’s final term in Year 6, less any sums owing to the School at that time, and is non-refundable in all other circumstances.

Each year in November the School writes to parents of children registered for entry at 3+, 4+, or for the following academic year. A current prospectus is sent along with a letter requesting parents to reply in writing to confirm their wish to seek entry for their child to Fosse Bank and to arrange the required Taster Day.

A Taster Day is arranged for which a non-refundable Taster Day Fee is payable. Letters confirming places are sent out within seven days of the Taster Day.  Parents are asked to accept or decline the confirmed place, within seven days so that the place can be offered to another family if necessary.  In the exceptional event of a place not being confirmed by the School after the Taster Day, the Registration Fee will be refunded. 

Transfers from other schools

In the case of admissions throughout other year groups, a Taster Day will be taken before a place can be offered.

In the case of children applying from abroad without the opportunity for a Taster Day, then reports from the previous school are taken into account.

A non-refundable Registration Fee is payable. If an offer of a place is made, parents are asked to accept and then pay a Deposit of £400 to secure the place, or decline the offer within seven days.  The Deposit is only returned at the end of the child’s final term in Year 6, less any sums owing to the school at that time, and is non-refundable in all other circumstances.

Responsibility for Admissions

The Head is responsible for admissions, and for the operation of this policy.

The selection criteria are reviewed regularly.

Documents supporting each application for admission, together with Taster Day notes are retained by the School for at least one year after the Taster Day, whether or not the applicant is offered a place.

Each year the Governors review the admission statistics.


The preconditions for admission are that:

The applicant is of the appropriate age and sufficient maturity.

The applicant enjoys satisfactory good health

Any previous school reports satisfactory attitudes and conduct on the part of both parents and applicant.

The applicant’s learning needs, in the opinion of the Head, can be managed within the School’s normal provision.

Fees (if applicable) at the present school have been paid and the parents are able, if required, to satisfy the Head that they are in a position to pay the fees for Fosse Bank.

Factors which are not taken into account in the assessment for admission include: disability, skin colour, race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious faith, area of residence or socio-economic group.

Oversubscription Criteria

In the event that the number of places applied for exceeds the number available, places will be allocated in the following priority order:

Current Family Association – the applicant has a sibling who attends Fosse Bank.

The applicant has a sibling whose application is received at the same time.

Previous Family Association – the applicant previously attended Fosse Bank themselves or has a sibling who attended the School.

Any other relevant circumstances, including the date for the applicant’s education to commence at Fosse Bank, will be taken into consideration.

Taster Day

The aim of the Taster Day is to explore some of the criteria set out in the Selection section above.  Taster days are usually half days for the younger children and a full day for older pupils. The style of the Taster Day is intended to be informal and natural.  Pupils from year 3 are given INCAs mathematics s and English tests on the computer and spend time with their peers.  Younger children are assessed on the classwork completed during the day. Taster Days provides an opportunity for the family to make its own decision over schooling as well as for the school to learn about the family and the child.  On the Taster Day the child will be placed in their current year group. 

The Offer of a Place

The parents of each applicant are informed in writing within seven days after the Taster Day whether a place is being offered or not. The School is not obliged to state its reasons for rejection of an applicant but will do so wherever possible.

Withdrawal of a Child

Parents wishing to withdraw their child must give a full term’s notice in writing or pay a full term’s fees in lieu of such notice.

Monitoring and Review

It is the responsibility of the Governors to agree and then monitor the Admissions Policy.

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