Fosse Bank School

Diary Dates

Diary Dates Spring Term 2018

Date:Thursday, 25th JanuaryTime:8.30amEvent:Y1/2 Parents' Workshop - Maths
Date:Friday, 2nd FebruaryTime:7.30pmEvent:Fosse Association Apres Ski Event
Date:Tuesday, 6th FebruaryTime:Event:Safer Internet Day
Date:Tuesday, 6th FebruaryTime:2.00pm-3.00pmEvent:Y1/2 Play
Date:Thursday, 8th FebruaryTime:8.30amEvent:Y3 to Y6 Parents' Workshop - Maths
Date:Friday, 9th FebruaryTime:Event:School Council Takeover Day
Date:Friday, 9th FebruaryTime:1.40pmEvent:In Class Talent Show
Date:Tuesday, 20th FebruaryTime:2.30pmEvent:Y3/4 Cross-Country Event at Hilden Grange by invitation
Date:Friday 23rd FebruaryTime:9.00amEvent:Y5 Workshop on Ancient Maya
Date:Tuesday, 27th FebruaryTime:9.00amEvent:Individual Musicians' Concert
Date:Tuesday, 27th FebruaryTime:1.45pm-3.15pmEvent:Reception to Y3 Perform Drama Workshop - 'Outer Space'
Date:Thursday, 1st MarchTime:9.00am-9.40amEvent:Y4 Class Assembly and Parents' Coffee Morning
Date:Monday, 5th MarchTime:Event:Peter and the Wolf Creative Week begins
Date:Thursday, 8th MarchTime:1.50pmEvent:Y3/4 Inter-House Tag Rugby
Date:Thursday, 8th MarchTime:2.40pmEvent:Y5/6 Inter-House Tag Rugby
Date:Monday, 12th MarchTime:Event:Open Week begins
Date:Wednesday, 14th MarchTime:tbcEvent:Visit by Invictus Games Athlete
Date:Thursday, 15th MarchTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Y5 Class Assembly and Parents' Coffee Morning
Date:Friday, 16th MarchTime:2.00pmEvent:Talent Show Final
Date:Sunday 18th MarchTime:2.00pm - 4.00pmEvent:Open Day
Date:Monday, 19th MarchTime:9.15amEvent:Early Years to Y2 Swimming Gala
Date:Wednesday, 21st MarchTime:9.30amEvent:Easter Service at St John's Church
Date:Wednesday, 21st MarchTime:1.30pmEvent:Sports Relief Inter-House Cross Country Event
Date:Wednesday, 21st MarchTime:4.00pm-7.45pmEvent:Y1/6 Parents' Consultation Evening
Date:Thursday, 22nd MarchTime:9.00am-10.00amEvent:Reception Class Assembly and Parents' Coffee Morning
Date:Thursday, 22nd MarchTime:tbcEvent:Early Years Open Morning and Easter Egg Hunt
Date:Thursday, 22nd MarchTime:2.00pm-4.00pmEvent:Swimming Gala for Y3/6 (by invitation) v Hilden Oaks & Granville at Tonbridge Pool
Date:Monday, 26th MarchTime:9.00am - 3.30pmEvent:Y4 Able Writers' Day
Date:Tuesday, 27th MarchTime:9.00amEvent:Y2/6 Spring Concert Rehearsal
Date:Wednesday, 28th MarchTime:6.30pmEvent:Y2/6 Spring Concert, Sports Hall
Date:Wednesday, 28th MarchTime:1.20pmEvent:Sports Assembly
Date:Wednesday, 28th MarchTime:2.20pmEvent:Y6 Tag Rugby v Parents & Staff
Date:Thursday, 29th MarchTime:2.00pm-3.20pmEvent:Fosse Association Easter Egg Hunt

Diary Dates Summer 2018

Date:Tuesday, 3rd April Time:8.30am - 5.00pmEvent:Easter Holiday Playscheme Wk 1 begins
Date:Friday, 6th April Time:8.30am - 5.00pmEvent:Easter Holiday Playscheme Wk 1 ends
Date:Monday, 16th AprilTime:8.30am - 5.00pmEvent:Easter Holiday Playscheme Wk 2 begins
Date:Friay, 20th AprilTime:8.30am - 5.00pmEvent:Easter Holiday Playscheme Wk 2 ends
Date:Monday, 23rd AprilTime:8.30am - 3.30pmEvent:Easter Holiday Playscheme Final Day
Date:Monday, 23rd AprilTime:8.30am - 4.30pmEvent:Staff Inset Training Day
Date:Tuesday, 24th AprilTime:7.30amEvent:School re-opens
Date:Wednesday, 25th AprilTime:Event:Transition of Reception to Year 1 commences
Date:Wednesday, 25th AprilTime:8.00am - 12.30pmEvent:Year 6 Safety in Action, Yalding
Date:Wednesday, 25th AprilTime:2.00pm - 4.00pmEvent:Years 5 and 6 Boys by invitation, Sackville School Cross-country Event
Date:Wednesday, 25th April Time:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U11/U10 Girls' Cricket v Radnor House (H)
Date:Thursday, 26th AprilTime:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U8 Girls' Cricket v Radnor House (H)
Date:Friday, 27th AprilTime:8.30am - 11.30amEvent:Years 1/6 Kidenza Concert, Tunbridge Wells
Date:Monday, 30th AprilTime:1.30pmEvent:Year 1 Visitor. Talk on Animal Aid
Date:Tuesday, 1st May Time:Event:Years 1/6 NSPCC Visit.'Speak out. Stay Safe'
Date:Wednesday, 2nd MayTime:9.00am - 12.15pmEvent:Year 6 Bikeability Training
Date:Wednesday, 2nd MayTime:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U10/U11 Boys' Cricket v Radnor House (H)
Date:Thursday, 3rd MayTime:9.00am - 3.15pmEvent:Year 6 Bikeability Training (Group 1)
Date:Friday, 4th MayTime:9.00am - 3.15pmEvent:Year 6 Bikeability Training (Group 2)
Date:Friday, 4th MayTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Fosse Association Meeting
Date:Friday, 4th MayTime:9.00am - 3.00pmEvent:Year 2 Trip to Ightham Mote - 'Habitats'
Date:Monday, 7th MayTime:Event:Bank Holiday. School closed
Date:Tuesday, 8th MayTime:11.00am - 2.15pmEvent:Year 1 Visit to Chiddingstone Literary Festival
Date:Tuesday, 8th MayTime:time tbcEvent:Years 5 and 6 Visit to Chiddingstone Literary Festival
Date:Wednesday, 9th MayTime:2.30pm - 4.20pmEvent:U10/U11 8-a-side Softball Pairs v Hilden Grange (H)
Date:Thursday, 10th MayTime:2.30pm - 4.30pmEvent:U8 Girls' Cricket v Russell House (H)
Date:Monday, 14th MayTime:8.30am tbcEvent:Years 5 and 6 Departure for Residential Trip to France
Date:Tuesday, 15th MayTime:Event:Years 5 and 6 in France
Date:Wednesday, 16th MayTime:Event:Years 5 and 6 in France.
Date:Thursday, 17th MayTime:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U8/U9 Boys' Cricket v Hilden Oaks (H)
Date:Thursday, 17th MayTime:4.30pm tbcEvent:Years 5 and 6 Arrival home from France
Date:Friday, 18th MayTime:7.30am - 9.00amEvent:Fosse Association Bag2School Collection.
Date:Tuesday, 22nd MayTime:9.30am - 11.50amEvent:Years 2/4 First Aid Training
Date:Wednesday 23rd MayTime:9.30am - 11.50amEvent:Reception to Year 1 First Aid Training
Date:Wednesday, 23rd MayTime:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U10/U11 Mixed Rounders v Hilden Grange (A)
Date:Thursday, 24th MayTime:9.00am - 10.00am Event:Reception to Year 6 Poetry Recital
Date:Thursday, 24th MayTime:2.30pm - 4.30pmEvent:U8/U9 Girls' Cricket v Beechwood (A)
Date:Monday, 4th JuneTime:7.30amEvent:School re-opens.
Date:Wednesday, 6th JuneTime:2.00pm - 4.00pmEvent:U11/U10 Boys' Cricket v Hilden Oaks (H'borough Cricket Club)
Date:Wednesday, 6th JuneTime:2.30pm - 4.30pmEvent:U11/U10 Girls Cricket v Beechwood House (H)
Date:Saturday, 9th JuneTime:9.00am - 11.30amEvent:Y5 Revision Club
Date:Sunday, 10th JuneTime:tbc 2.00pm - 4.00pmEvent:Fosse Association Summer Fair and Open Day
Date:Monday, 11th JuneTime:Event:INCAS Assessment week begins
Date:Wednesday, 13th JuneTime:9.00am - 3.00pmEvent:Year 2 Trip to Ightham Mote - WWII
Date:Wednesday, 13th JuneTime:9.00amEvent:Individual Musicians' Concert
Date:Wednesday, 13th JuneTime:4.00pmEvent:Year 5 Parents' Secondary School Transfer meeting
Date:Thursday, 14th JuneTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Reception Class Assembly and Parents' Coffee Morning
Date:Thursday, 14th JuneTime:12.00Event:Whole School French Picnic
Date:Thursday, 14th JuneTime:2.30pm - 4.00pmEvent:U8 Boys' Cricket v Hilden Grange (H)
Date:Friday, 15th JuneTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Fosse Association Meeting
Date:Saturday, 16th JuneTime:9.00am - 11.30amEvent:Year 5 revision Club
Date:Wednesday, 20th JuneTime:1.40pm - 3.30pmEvent:Years 3/6 Pre-Sports Day Events (within PE lessons)
Date:Thursday, 21st JuneTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Year 3 Class Assembly and Parents' Coffee Morning
Date:Saturday, 23rd JuneTime:9.00am - 11.30amEvent:Year 5 revision Club
Date:Wednesday, 27th JuneTime:tbc 10.30amEvent:Kindergarten to Year 2 Sports Day
Date:Wednesday, 27th JuneTime:tbc 1.40pmEvent:Years 3/6 Sports Day
Date:Thursday, 28th JuneTime:tbc 1.40pm - 3.30pmEvent:Years 2/6 Inter House Cricket
Date:Thursday, 28th JuneTime:4.30pm - 5.30pmEvent:Year 6 v Year 7 Rounders
Date:Friday, 29th JuneTime:from 3.30pmEvent:Fosse Association Campover sets up
Date:Saturday, 30th JuneTime:9.00amEvent:Fosse Association Campover ends
Date:Saturday, 30th JuneTime:9.00am - 11.30amEvent:Year 5 Revision Club
Date:Monday, 2nd July Time:pmEvent:Year 2 only swim at Fosse
Date:Monday, 2nd JulyTime:tbc 9.30amEvent:Kindergarten/Year 6 Dress Rehearsal
Date:Tuesday, 3rd JulyTime:2.00pmEvent:Kindergarten to year 6 Production Matinee
Date:Wednesday, 4th JulyTime:tbc 10.15am - 11.45amEvent:Reception/Year 2 Inter-House T-Ball Rounders
Date:Wednesday, 4th JulyTime:2.30pmEvent:U10/U11 Girls' Cricket v Derwent Lodge (A)
Date:Wednesday, 4th July Time:6.30pmEvent:Kindergarten to Year 6 Production
Date:Thursday, 5th JulyTime:9.00am - 10.00amEvent:Sports Assembly
Date:Thursday, 5th JulyTime:Event:Reserve Sports Day
Date:Friday, 6th JulyTime:1.45pmEvent:Moving Up and Parents' Refreshments Afternoon
Date:Friday, 6th JulyTime:Event:Annual Reports to Parents
Date:Saturday, 7th JulyTime:9.00am - 11.30amEvent:Year 5 Revision Club
Date:Monday, 9th JulyTime:amEvent:Swimming for K/g, Rec., Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 only.
Date:Monday, 9th JulyTime:1.45pmEvent:Prize-Giving Ceremony in Marquee
Date:Tuesday, 10th JulyTime:9.00amEvent:Houses Day
Date:Wednesday, 11th julyTime:9.00amEvent:Year 6 Leavers' Assembly
Date:Wednesday, 11th JulyTime:10.00am - 11.00amEvent:Year 6 Sports Match v Parents and Teachers
Date:Wednesday, 11th JulyTime:4.00pmEvent:School Disco and Plastic Fantastic in Marquee
Date:Thursday, 12th julyTime:9.00amEvent:Last Assembly of the Year
Date:Thursday, 12th JulyTime:12.00Event:Whole School Picnic
Date:Thursday, 12th JulyTime:2.00pmEvent:School closes