Fosse Association

Fosse Association

Welcome to your Fosse Association

The Fosse Association is a very active organisation and as a parent you are automatically a member.

This Association exists to enable social connections between parents and children, and to raise money for the school for ‘extras’ such as refurbishing sports facilities or new technology for classrooms. The committee works very hard and organises regular social events throughout the year. Its members are always looking for volunteers to assist with these events and any help that parents can give, even on an irregular basis, is always greatly appreciated. Members of the Association also run a very good ‘nearly new’ school uniform shop.

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Message from the Chair, Sarah Beslee

It has been an amazing journey joining Fosse Bank School! My son joined in year 1 and is currently in year 4 and my daughter joined in Kindergarten and is currently in year 2!

Where the time has gone I have no idea but I do know my children have gone from strength to strength and enjoy every day. I still can’t believe I have been voted in as the Chair of the Fosse Association, this is something I never expected when we first joined the school.   In fact I would have thought anyone saying this was very silly!  Yet here I am, in my first year, September 2018, organising with my amazing team our first event.

As you may or may not be aware, you as parents are automatically enrolled onto the Association when your child joins the school.  We try wherever possible to make the events fun and raise funds for the school to spend on our children. The Fosse Association have done an amazing job in the past and in fact raised money for an outdoor table tennis table and a very large sandpit, to name just a few of the many amazing things.

For your information we carry out meetings to discuss current and future events, ideas to raise funds and general things normally on the second Friday of each half term.  So not too many but enough to get things organised. It would be wonderful to see as many of you as possible but understand this is during a working day and definitely not possible for some of you.  Therefore, we will always send out the agenda in advance so you can still email or leave your comments in the Fosse Association box.

Please be assured we really do want to hear from you…………….! So as your new Chair and new Fosse Association team we would like to welcome you to the Association and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the up and coming school year.

Sarah Beslee, FA Chair