Fosse Association

Fosse Association

Welcome to your Fosse Association!

The Fosse Association is a very active organisation and as a parent you are automatically a member.

This Association exists to enable social connections between parents and children, and to raise money for the school for ‘extras’ such as refurbishing sports facilities or new technology for classrooms. The committee works very hard and organises regular social events throughout the year. Its members are always looking for volunteers to assist with these events and any help that parents can give, even on an irregular basis, is always greatly appreciated. Members of the Association also run a very good ‘nearly new’ school uniform shop.

Message from Mrs Sarah Peters, Chair

Dear Parents

I am delighted to have been appointed to the role of Chair of the Fosse Association and I look forward to supporting the fantastic events that the association holds for the school.  I have two children myself here at Fosse Bank, and really enjoy helping with the organisation of our fundraising activities, raising as much money as possible to provide extra facilities for the school and all of our children. Our fundraising events provide an excellent opportunity for our parents to get more involved in the school community as a whole.

Last year’s fundraising was a tremendous success with over £8000 raised and I hope we can possibly better that this year. Your wonderful efforts have helped us to provide some fantastic equipment for the children; a piano, violins, state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards, a playhouse and the re-surfacing of our tennis courts. The admirable efforts of the Fosse Association and our parents have a truly positive impact on our school facilities, thus benefitting our children.

The Fosse Association is a very active organisation and as a parent you are automatically a member. We welcome any assistance you can provide to support the Fosse Association’s dual purpose of organising social events to foster the school’s family ethos as well as coordinating fund-raising activities for the benefit of the school.  Fosse Bank prides itself on the close family community and the Fosse Association helps to encourage and foster this spirit.

The Fosse Association meets six times a year on the second Friday of each half term. Meetings start at 9am in either the music room or the main hall and last for no more than an hour.  We would be delighted to see you there whether you wish to contribute to the discussion, offer help to the committee, or simply come along and say hello. There’s always freshly brewed coffee, tea and biscuits too!

I understand that many of our parents work and have commitments outside of school, so attending FA meetings may not always be possible. We encourage the class reps from each year group to attend where possible and they will then share the information with their respective year groups. The Secretary will also prepare minutes of the meeting and distribute these via parentmail, ensuring that everyone is kept well informed.

You can always rely on a warm and friendly welcome at Fosse.  It is your continued involvement and constant enthusiasm which makes us the thriving and successful parent association that we are. Whether you prefer to support us by pro-actively volunteering or by simply joining us at an event and taking part, we guarantee you some fun along the way.

Thank you for your continued support

Sarah Peters

Chairman, the Fosse Association