Blog Post June 2019

Blog Post June 2019

How to support your child if they are starting in Reception

As nursery aged children get ready to start their transition to Reception for September what preparations are needed?

My top tips for moving to Reception and aid a smooth transition are:

  • The unknown and change can cause anxiety for both children and parents. It is important to talk to children about their new experiences and what to expect especially when introducing new routines such as spending all day at school and attending after school clubs.    Knowing what to expect will help and there are many reading books that can help with this.


  • Children new to school will come home tired and whilst it is tempting to let them have screen time on devices such as iPads it also makes it hard for your child’s brain to switch off so try and find an alternative and limit their screen time.


  • A great night sleep cannot be underestimated! A good bedtime routine and plenty of sleep will help your child regulate their emotions and allow better brain function.


  • Be positive and enthusiastic about all the fun things that will happen at school and talk about the new friends they will get to make.


  • Our class reps along with our Parent Association are fantastic at keeping parents informed. Coming along to school events is a great way to get to know other new parents.


  • Equipping your child with practical skills such as being able to put their own clothes on, tie their own shoe laces and the importance of handwashing will help them feel happy and confident about starting primary school and is far more valuable than trying to get a head-start on academic performance.


  • Buy name labels and attach them to everything! Write names in shoes with permanent marker and draw half of a smiley face in the left shoe and the other half in the right so when they are held together they match like a puzzle.  A quick and easy way to help your child know which foot each shoe goes on.


  • It can be a hard time for parents emotionally and this can inadvertently be passed on to children. If you have any concerns at all please speak with a member of the staff who will listen with kindness and will support you the best they can.


We take great pride in the way we transition pupils within the school, with the Reception teacher visiting nurseries of those children who are not already in our thriving Kindergarten to ensure they know what to expect and know a friendly face on their first day.  For those already in our setting, they are already transitioning to Reception with regular phonic sessions in their new classroom and plenty of opportunities to spend time with their new teacher.