Fosse Bank School

Blog post September 2019

Spare a thought for all those parents whose children are taking senior school tests this week.

The children will be fine, just glad to get to the end of the process and looking forward to not doing constant practice tests.  For them, results are so far in the future that they will fade in importance very quickly. For parents however, this can be as stressful as GCSEs or A levels.

I have to tell you, it will be all right!  Grammar is not right for everyone and it is the child’s ability to cope with work and people that will make which ever school they go to the right one for them. Resilience, independence of thought and action, a love of learning, and the ability to enjoy working collaboratively are such important skills for both school and working life.  These are what will help our eleven year olds thrive at their senior schools this time next year.