Fosse Bank School

Early Years

Our vision

Fosse Bank believes that children thrive in a resourceful and interactive environment, which stimulates their interests, and leads to creative and self-reflective thinking. Our role as teachers is to scaffold around those interests and use open ended questioning to extend the children’s curiosity.  

We feel the teaching style that complements our vision most is an approach called In the moment planning. This is a very simple idea – observing and interacting with children as they pursue their own interests and challenges and also assessing and moving the learning on in that moment. The written account of some of these interactions becomes a learning journey and we have seen that children achieve their goals more quickly and challenge themselves further.

By adopting this style, the children are able to become the best they can be and develop as a whole child with their learning and wellbeing needs met.

The Early Years Teachers

The Early Years department consists of our Early Years Teachers, who are there to teach, support, and nurture your child and to help them feel safe, happy and excited about learning.

Mrs Gurney and Mrs Matthews are the Little Fosse Teachers and Miss Ovenden and Miss Sands are the Kindergarten Teachers here at Fosse. They work closely as a team to enable children to form bonds with them all, as well as encouraging the children to become a part of the wider Fosse Bank community.

Early Years Team

Miss Megan Ovenden
Early Years Manager

Miss Megan Ovenden

Miss Claire Sands
Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Claire Sands

Mrs Chloe Gurney
Little Fosse Teacher

Mrs Chloe Gurney

Miss Jenny Matthews
Little Fosse Teacher

Miss Jenny Matthews

Little Fosse

Children can begin their Fosse journey the moment that they are two years old, and the Early Years Team are on hand to help with any settling in sessions, and to encourage positive transitions into the setting when children part from their Parents.

The Little Fosse classroom is set in a warm, sensory and engaging environment, providing a home from home atmosphere, where the children can choose from an array of learning opportunities; the home corner, story sacks and puppets, puzzles and activity cubes as well as a tailored learning adventure to suit each child’s developmental needs. They also have the opportunity of visiting the soft play room and joining in with music and movement and a short snippet of French, as well as a wealth of outdoor learning experiences. We ensure the children are ready for their next transition by preparing them with key skills suitable for their age range, such as; making relationships, recognising numerals and shapes in the environment, familiarising themselves with letter sounds and gaining independence in health and self-care.  

Mrs Gurney and Mrs Matthews will be on hand to support children with their toileting needs and encouraging them with their toilet training. They carry out intimate care wearing full personal protective equipment, apron, gloves and a mask. We also cater for sleeping facilities so if this is something your child may require, please communicate this to your child’s teachers.



As we have a mixed range of Kindergarten children, there will be times where Miss Sands and Miss Ovenden will branch off into two groups to differentiate the teacher led input. Miss Ovenden will be supporting the younger children (Kindergarten) and Miss Sands will be supporting the older children (Kindergarten Transition). The Transition class will be those children moving into Reception in September 2021, whereas the younger Kindergarten will move to Reception in September 2022. 

Children in Kindergarten have a large say in how they would like their classroom to be set up and what resources they would like to include in their space. It is always wonderful to hear each group discussing which areas of learning they wish to see and to watch their faces light up when they walk into their new room. The Kindergarten classroom is a large room with a range of engaging and exciting nooks, which cover all areas of learning. The role-play post office, mini library and small world tables have proved to be a firm favourite with our children.

The Kindergarten children are always keen to take part in teacher led phonics and maths mastery, and enjoy ‘Helicopter stories’, where they can act out their own stories.  Another favourite is going on a shape and number hunt around the school grounds.

As well as enjoying their own classroom and outdoor surroundings, Kindergarten children also have the opportunity of attending music with Miss Hargreaves, French with Madame Gibson, and Forest school with Mrs Richardson and Miss Dench.

We ensure the children are ready for their next transition by preparing them with key skills suitable for their age range; writing their name, counting 0-20 and gaining independence in health and self-care. 


We use an application called Tapestry, to track, plan and assess the children. You will be given a login so you can see your child’s learning in words and pictures and this will also provide a means of communication between school and home. 

You can also expect to view the menu for the week, see class communications and there is a Friday blog on Tapestry each week.

We truly do have an open door policy for all our Fosse families, and we are approachable and available to parents whenever needed.

Fosse Bank School

Autumn Harvest

Early Years enjoyed collecting food items and care products during harvest in the Autumn term!

These were donated with the rest of Fosse Bank’s collection to Nourish food bank.