Welcome to Year 5 - K2

Welcome to Year 5 - K2

Welcome to K2 – we are the Year 5 class at Fosse Bank. Below is a taster of our exciting curriculum, and the hard work we put into our learning!


Fosse Bank School

Kent Police Open Day Visit

Year 5 visited the Kent Police Open Day at the beginning of term and wrote some reports about their day.


Year 5 went on a trip to Kent Police School Open Day. When we got there, we decided to go and see the dog show with real police dogs! We even got to meet two of them. The first one was Piper who was seven-years-old. Piper was an adorable Alsatian. Next, we met a dog named Oakley and he was only 18-months-old. Oakley was really cool because he could sniff out and find SIM cards.

After that, we went to some stalls and we were given pens, stress balls and notepads because we asked the police such good questions. One of the stalls had information about how to join Kent Police, another was about diversity and inclusion. On the detective stall, the police asked us questions on how to solve a murder. There was a tech stall that told us how to hack a computer and delete a file. Then my favourite…. Border Police. It was amazing to hear about all the creative ways criminals tried to smuggle drugs and cigarettes into the country.

We then went for a tour around the majestic building. We even got to go into custody cells! As we ate lunch, we saw an amazing horse show and soon after, it was time for an ice cream and back to school. I will never forget our trip.

By Erin


We went to the Kent Police College on Monday 6th September. When we arrived, we went and watched a dog display showing how police dogs stop criminals. Then we entered a competition to win a prize.

We explored a bit and met actual detectives as well as Border Control Police Officers and even the police dogs.

In the end we had some items such as pens, key rings, stress balls, stickers and even notepads. To finish, we explored custody and we were told about court.

By Danica

Fosse Bank School

Portrait Art

Year 5 enjoyed being creative with their photographic portraits in Art.