Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies and pixels to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies and pixels are small text files of data stored by our website within your browser. These allow us to distinguish you from other users of our website and actions you take which helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website, remarket content to you and also allows us to improve our site.

If you have previously browsed to our website and no longer wish to accept cookies or pixels, please be aware that some cookies may have already been set. You may delete these cookies at any time via your browser by following these instructions here

You can control cookies via your browser settings by following the instructions at this address, however if you choose to block cookies then your browsing experience may be affected.

Read more about the individual cookies we use and how to recognise them by looking at the table below.


Cookie Name Purpose
Cookie: Allow Cookies Name: civicAllowCookies Purpose: This will remember that you are happy to allow cookies on our website. This cookie is set to expire after 3 months.
Cookie: Google Analytics Name: -utma Purpose: This allows Google Analytics to determine unique visitors to our site. The cookie expires 2 years from initial creation or from update of cookie
Cookie: Google Analytics Name: -utmb Purpose: This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session on our site. The cookie will expire 30 minutes from initial creation of from update of the cookie
Cookie: Google Analytics Name: -utmc Purpose: This is used in conjunction with the -utmb cookie to determine whether or not to establish a new session for the user. This cookie will expire once you have closed your session with our website (once you have closed your browser)
Cookie: Google Analytics Name: -utmz Purpose: This cookie is used by google to store where a visitor came from (search engine, search keyword, link). This cookie will expire 6 months from its initial creation or from update of cookie.
Pixel: Facebook Name: Pixel ID: 961026994090759 Purpose: Allows us to track page views, contacts, create custom audience on Facebook and send sponsored content.