Inter-House Hockey

Inter-House Hockey

Fosse Banks Inter-House Hockey Tournament on Thursday 30th November

At 2.30pm four competitive houses took part in a tense hockey tournament. Four Sports Captains went head to head in a battle for first place. The collaboration with all ages was phenomenal and some nervous players showed a lot of confidence.

It was a first for many people such as Year six Sports Captains and the Year Three children. Comfort was given to children who were nervous and were less sure. Hockey is a tough game and sometimes quite rough but numerous children showed skill and agility throughout the afternoon, it is even possible that we might have budding hockey professionals in our midst.

Everyone played a very fair amount of games and was well suited well to their position; no one was forced to play anything they didn’t want to. A chill hung in the air and many noses were vibrantly coloured red but that didn’t affect the electric feeling going around. The main thing to say is that everyone played exceptionally well and everyone had fun.

From Trudy Williams, Fosse Bank Sports Journalist