Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala

All four houses took part in a tense gala they day before they broke up for the Christmas holiday, so everybody was buzzing…..

As the swimmers soared through the water, Chartwell took the lead. The swimmers showed skill in the water and perfect dives. Scotney held onto the lead for most of the gala.

It was daunting for the younger swimmers as they normally swim in the Fosse pool which is warmer, much smaller and shallower – but they showed confidence and swam quickly. Diving may be a first for some people, but despite the height of the diving blocks, they performed some amazing dives.

As family and friends watched the swimmers it was clear they showed the knowledge they have learnt in their weekly swimming lessons.

A big thank you to all of the helpers including Mrs Aldridge and Mrs Rose.

Trudy Williams, Year 6 – Sports Journalist