Aims & Ethos

Aims & Ethos

Fosse Bank School

Our aim is for every child to:

  • receive a personalised education enabling outstanding results to be achieved according to potential
  • be happy and have a high level of self-esteem
  • have a passion for learning
  • be able to study independently and as part of a team, with perseverance and resilience
  • be equipped with the leadership skills to make ambitious contributions as global citizens
  • meet the high expectations of the school in learning and behaviour
  • make and sustain positive relationships
Fosse Bank School

The ethos of the school is one that children and staff in the school have composed, discussed and agreed upon.

This school is where:

  • traditional values of respect, consideration, politeness and kindness for all children and adults are shown.
  • expectations of work and behaviour are high.
  • children and adults can challenge themselves knowing they will be supported by their peers.
  • new pupils are welcomed and quickly become part of the school.
  • there is clear communication between children and between parents and teachers.
  • everyone has other people to talk to if they need help or reassurance.
  • we encourage each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.