The Governing Body is responsible for the proper governance of the school in relation to national legislation.

Governors collectively carry responsibility for everything that is undertaken by the school. The Governing Body is the employer of all the staff in the school.

The Governors meet regularly and at least once every term. They attend many school functions and welcome the opportunity to speak to parents.

The Fosse Bank School Governing Body

Position NameCommittees
Position :Chairman of GovernorsName:Mr Mark WaddingtonCommittees:Finance
Position :GovernorName:Mr Mike ButlerCommittees:Finance
Position :GovernorName:Mrs Michelle LeungCommittees:Finance
Position :GovernorName:Mr Anthony BagwellCommittees:Premises
Position :GovernorName:Mr John BonariusCommittees:Premises
Position :GovernorName:Mrs Carol RansonCommittees:HR, Safeguarding
Position :GovernorName:Mr Toby SampsonCommittees:Education
Position :GovernorName:Mrs Susan WebbCommittees:Education

Any correspondence for the Governing Body should be sent care of Fosse Bank School to:

Mr Mark Waddington, Chair of Governors, Fosse Bank School, Noble Tree Road, Hildenborough, Kent, TN11 8ND

Fosse Bank School