Inspection Report (2011) and Regulatory Compliance Inspection (September 2017), Compliance & Educational Quality Inspection Report (2021)

Inspection Report (2011) and Regulatory Compliance Inspection (September 2017), Compliance & Educational Quality Inspection Report (2021)

 From ISI 2021

Pupils demonstrate good speaking and listening skills. They leave school able to write fluently using age-appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation. There is a ‘culture of literacy within the school.’

The pupils participate confidently in presentations, assemblies and class discussions appreciating different viewpoints and encouraging others to speak and contribute.

Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.

Pupils demonstrate a good understanding of spirituality and non-material aspects of life.

Pupils enjoy a broad range of extra-curricular activities including art, cookery, chess, gymnastics, football, rugby, netball, ballet, and construction. These activities contribute strongly to pupils’ achievements and personal development.

Pupils are usually successful in gaining places of their choice for the next stage of their education and occasionally achieve academic awards outside school.

During discussions and in their responses to the questionnaires, pupils stated strongly that they achieve more in their lessons because teachers encourage them and motivate them to learn, and they can ask teachers for help if they do not understand.

Children in the EYFS independently and confidently choose activities while older pupils demonstrate good leadership skills and understand the importance of making responsible decisions.

In EYFS, adults carefully support children’s learning knowing when to intervene and when to step back to enable children to reflect independently and choose confidently activities that take their learning to the next stage.

All parents who responded to the questionnaires stated that the school enables their children to be confident and independent with strong social skills.

Many pupils are involved in activities that benefit others within school, the local and wider community. Pupils’ personal development is supported by teachers’ strong knowledge of pupils and their families.

Pupils spoke proudly about their work and said that teachers recognise when they try hard and that this encourages them to try even harder.





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