Inspection Report (2011) and Regulatory Compliance Inspection (September 2017)

Inspection Report (2011) and Regulatory Compliance Inspection (September 2017)

Main findings

In a friendly, caring community, pupils’ personal development is excellent. Pupils are friendly and courteous and they said that they like being at school.  The quality of pastoral care is excellent and effective arrangements identify and respond to individual needs. Pupils are well educated and suitably prepared for the next stage of their education.   They are highly successful in entrance examinations for Kent grammar schools. The pupils’ achievements are supported by good attitudes to learning in a climate of encouragement.  For a small school, the curriculum offers a good range of subjects, and together with the excellent extra curricular programme, strongly assists the school in meeting its aim.

The senior management team provide clear educational direction and they are well supported by subject leaders and non-teaching staff. Consultation is a strong feature of their work and there is a commitment to doing the best for the pupils. Good links with parents, carers and guardians are promoted. The views of parents who responded to the pre-inspection questionnaire showed that they are appreciative of the education and care provided for their children.
Inspection judgements support these views.



Fosse Bank School