Extra-curricular provision

Extra-curricular provision

After school clubs

In addition to the School Curriculum, we offer an extensive, stimulating range of Clubs and activities for children throughout the school both during the day and after school. Sport is a valued part of the curriculum. Our children are able to join a variety of clubs which may include  Gymnastics, Football, Rugby, Netball, Cross Country and Team Games. In the Summer months we may also offer Rounders, Cricket and Athletics.

In addition to these clubs offered by our P.E. Department, lessons in Tennis, Karate, Gymnastics and Golf and are also provided by specialist coaches. A range of dance classes are on offer for our children. Ballet and Tap classes are available. Those children interested in Music are given the opportunity to learn to play the piano, violin, recorder, guitar or drums. They are also welcome to join the School Orchestra and/or Choir.

We offer a range of creative extra-curricular activities such as Chess, LAMDA Drama, Spanish, Maths and Construction/STEM.

Some of the clubs are fee paying and by signing up for these clubs, you are committed to paying the full terms fees and will be charged accordingly. Once the children have signed up for a club they are expected to commit to it for the term. They must also be available for the whole session each week except for those children in Years 5 and 6 who swim on Mondays and in this instance will be permitted a later start.  If your child is fortunate enough to be selected to represent the school for a particular sporting event, that should take priority over clubs. If less than six children sign up for any club it may be cancelled before the start of next term. All children should be collected promptly at the end of their clubs and where this is not possible, the children may be booked into After School Club Club and will be charged.

After School Club

Why not come and join the fun at the After School Club, where we offer a wide range of activities, (from sculpture to cookery and everything else in between), to engage and motivate children from Kindergarten to Year 6.  We are also happy to oversee and support children with their homework.  After School Club is available from 3.30pm to 6.00pm, from Monday to Friday on both an occasional and regular basis and is a fee-paying facility.  Children are provided with a light tea.  Details of the fees can be found on our fees page.  For any further information or to book your child a place, please contact us at office@fossebankschool.co.uk we look forward to welcoming your children.