Years 5 & 6 French Trip 2017

Years 5 & 6 French Trip 2017

On Monday 15th May, the children from K2 and Everest set off on their journey to Chateau du Broutel in Northern France where they will enjoy a number of exciting activities over the course of the week. You can keep up to date with how they are getting on here on the News page.

Fosse Bank School

Chateau du Broutel

Le Château du Broutel dates back to 1714 and is situated in more than 40 acres of beautiful grounds. The Château is used as a residential multi-activity centre for British children at KS2, 3 and 4. Activities which are available at the Château include, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Shooting, Archery and Low Ropes.

Day 1 – The children had a bright and early start and were all packed up and raring to go by 8am….

There were fond farewells to the parents and then without a backward glance, they all climbed aboard their luxury coach, ready to start their journey down to Dover. Bon voyage – see you on Friday!!

Day 1 – Having crossed the Channel by Ferry and on route to the Chateau, the children made a stop at a Boulangerie, where they learnt how to make croissants…….

Day 2 – The sun was shining on what can only be described as a fun-packed and fear-conquering day in France.

The morning started with French plaits for all of the girls, followed by survival, Chateau Olympics, canoeing and paddle boarding. The children took to the lake on their vessels, some leaving behind their fears on the waters edge. Well done to all! Plus after all of the excitement during the day, they still had a spot of fencing to learn in the evening. You could no doubt hear a pin drop in the dormitories after all of those activities!

Day 3 – The morning was spent discovering the history of Chateau-du-Broutel followed by a trip into the local town of Rue, where the children enjoyed a pit stop at a local café.

Day 3 – The afternoon was spent stacking crates for the crows nest challenge and flying through the air on a zip wire – adrenalin was no doubt flowing! After all of the excitement, there was more to come with a surprise birthday celebration for Darcey.

Day 4 – The morning was all about getting very muddy and completing team challenges, working together to get round the obstacle course. Great teamwork Fosse!

Day 4 – Having completed the obstacle course it was time to follow the leader on the Blind Trail, before heading back to the water for a spot of kayaking and raft building!

Day 5 – The final morning in France, but there was still time for one last activity before the Fosse children headed back home.

Today it was archery. What a wonderful week – many fears conquered and all of the activities were tackled with enthusiasm and gusto.